Steps to take for Changes in Scope of Work (just before filing of permitting/and after filing)

If a project is currently in the construction documents phase and the Owner requests to add to the Scope of work a week/few days before filing for permitting; what are the steps the architect needs to take?

Should the current agreement with the Owner be signed? I know changes in the scope of work and schedule need to be amended but does that happen before the scheduled date of permitting or do you tell the Owner the date for filing for permitting will need to be pushed back?

Or do you try to rush and fit in the added scope to the current set of construction documents? Is this just a judgement call on knowing how much time the added/altered scope will take? What if the added/altered scope from the Owner is very little and might be capable to fit into the current contract documents?

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Hi Jared,

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The owner tries to change the scope of work right before permitting all the time unfortunately.
A change of scope means that the original contract which has already been signed should be modified to reflect the new scope. Or, it in conceivable some of this work may be billed as an hourly add-service related to the changes.

In an ideal situation you would notify the owner that this change of scope will effect the schedule and therefore permitting will need to be pushed back. Unfortunately, what actually happens in real life a lot of times is that firm will try to rush to fit in the added scope. This happens for a lot of factors, among which are the firm’s own schedule, budget, and relationship with the client.

So, it’s a judgement call, just as you’ve said, based on a number of factors including the expected time & effort adjusting the scope will take.

For the purpose of the exam unless there is additional information that would indicate otherwise I would assume that this is a best case scenario and owner understands that scope adjustments will delay the schedule and that you should notify the owner & adjust permitting as necessary. As you’ve said, if it is a minor change perhaps it can be fit into the current schedule without trouble.

Hope this helps!