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My question pertains to Construction Scheduling Questions, specifically the information provided about bidding in a construction schedule. As test candidates, are we supposed to ignore the bidding timeline in scenarios when projecting a deadline for when we will provide Permit Documents?

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That’s a great question! Let’s see if one of our expert architects can help! @coachbryanhadley do you mind helping out?

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Hi @corlando,
I’m not sure if your question pertains to a specific scenario (i.e. if regarding a practice question you came across) but you should never ignore the bidding phase (Though it may not be relevant depending upon what the question is asking you to think about.). Bidding and permitting are critical components of the overall design and construction schedule. Owners have much more control over the bidding schedule than permitting, which can be trickier to lock in due to unknowns of how long it may take an AHJ to complete a review, if any revisions are necessary, etc.
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Hi Bryan,

Yes it was pertaining to a particular practice question that asked the when the drawings will be ready for permit submission based on given timelines for each phase.
In the answer explanation the weeks set aside for bidding did not impact the Architect’s ability to provide Permit drawings.

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Hi @corlando
The question is somewhat complex, especially because the bidding phase will vary depending on the project delivery method chosen. In general, the contract documents are ready for submission to the AHJ for review once the construction documents phase is complete. In a Design-Bid-Build project, for example, this would be at the end of the design phase, therefore the submission to the AHJ for permitting could be concurrent with the bidding process.
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