Why isn't a bidding period counted?

I don’t understand why 14 days for bidding and negotiation aren’t counted for the answer to the following question:

“An architect has agreed to a proposed schedule that allows for 15 days for schematic design, 15 days for design development, 30 days for construction documents, 14 days for bidding and negotiation, and 30 days for permitting. The owner will have one week for review after each of the design phases. All durations noted are in business days.
How many business days into the project should the architect expect to obtain the permit?”

The answer is 105 days. One week or five days for owner review is to be provided after SD, DD, and CD phases. SD+5+DD+5+CD+5+Permitting = 15+5+15+5+30+5+30 = 105 days.

Don’t we need to get a GC awarded before permitting?


Hi @midori.takada,

You aren’t required to have a GC to receive a permit - a lot of times we just put “TBD” on the permit application where it asks for the GC’s contact information. There’s direct advantage to obtaining a permit prior to bidding as any changes required in response to building department comments can be incorporated into the set prior to the bid to ensure the bids most accurately reflect the final iteration of the drawings. However, due to time constraints, a lot of times the bid & permitting might run concurrently. It depends on the project.

I think this question is getting into critical path theory. You don’t need to bid & negotiate prior to obtaining the permit. However, you do need to complete all the other phases listed in order to receive the permit - that’s minimum path is when the architect should expect to obtain the permit.

@coachchrishopstock do you have any additional explanation to add?


@coachdarionziegler that’s a fantastic explanation and is my experience as well! Another way to think about it is in terms of task dependencies (like those that you’d see on a critical path schedule). Obtaining a permit is not dependent on having the GC selected.

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