Strategy to face infinitum complexity?

@IntanYokelson, whoever can help…
First at all, I need to tell about a situation with which I feel highly frustrated: after analyzing the video of each topic and exhaustively filling out the reference pdf, when going to the questions and quizzes, they all go far beyond those extremely basic concepts of the video and the Reference info, almost all the questions go to details of laws, to the small font of the contracts, to extremely detailed concepts of insurance, contracting and so on with almost everything.
How to solve this situation, (which could extend ad infinitum of complexity and specialization)? Could you provide us with some strategy on how to deal with this?

In this type of situation, I have come across a few questions that I need clarification on where to look for more information:

Question 8 PcM Practice Quizz (Are Community of BS)
It is very clear that Condos present a high level of danger in regard of insurance, but in the Objective 2.3- Quizz Break 10 we need to arrange 4 items assessing, among other things, that level of “dangerousness”. Where can find more info relative to the “danger” of a project? I back to video minute 2:25 (as stated the answer) and never clarifies levels of danger referring to the type of project itself.

Question 41 PcM Practice Quizz (Are Community of BS)
This goes from the deductible theme. I went back to both videos of Insurance. Everything they explain in regard is a recommendation not to claim to insurance when the penalty is close to the deductible figure. In the other hand, an element that generates a lot of confusion for me is in the answer offered in Quizz Break 3, Question #2, first slot, where an example about the deductible is developed that clearly CONTRADICTS the calculations of question 41. Where can find more info?

Virtual Workshop Feb/18
Question 1 Part 3 Current ratio calculation:
This item left pending from workshop. As per PDF Final fillable page 92/ Video balance Sheet min 2:48 Formula of Current Ratio refers to Total figures from balance Sheet. Where to find more crteria to differentiate from where to choose to solve questions like workshop.

Hope this help to improve accuracy in some themes. Meanwhile, please give me a light in my first concern.