PPD Form Question - Braced Structural System

I’m not sure if there was an error with with one of the questions on Form2 PPD Exam. I think the only “O” in the answer should be “C” instead? I don’t want to take a screenshot!

It’s the question regarding the braced system and you need to place which spots are in compression, and which in tension.

If you’d like me to send a screenshot directly to an email to clarify, kindly let me know who to send to.

Thank you for your help. You guys are doing an awesome job here. I’m not too sure which coach tag! Hope you don’t mind me tagging you Jamie! PS Thanks for the workshop today! @coachjamietischler


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I had the same question! It would be great to have clarity on this. The structural frame and bracing was loaded from one side. All of the horizontal structural members were marked in Compression, except the middle horizontal member, which was marked as No Truss Action. The diagonal bracing members made sense to me - those angled downward were in Compression and those angled upward were in Tension.

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Thank you for your question! You are correct. I tracked down this exact diagram in the textbook the practice question references: “Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders”, page 167, where they discuss Braced Frame Systems, and they have the middle horizontal truss member in compression and NOT as a zero-force member. This is likely a mistake on the BKS exam.


Thank you Jamie!

Thank you Jamie and Ashley! :100: (also, got a likely pass today!!!)


Congrats Erin!! @erin.la.walker I’m taking mine on the 18th :slight_smile: Any tips you have would be awesome… Time to celebrate!


Thank you, @abiren!!! Keep doing what you’re doing! I attended all workshops (plus an extra one!), watched all videos (including practical applications, per your separate post!) and reviewed / wrote down all flashcards / definitions I was not familiar with. I dedicated time to take all three practice exams, and then just as much time (if not more) to review all the questions I got wrong. I wrote EVERYTHING down in my notebook, because writing things down helps me. The other important piece of advice, as I’m sure you already know, is to just breath, and answer every question for what it is, given what you are given.


The first time I took PPD and PDD (2.5 + 1.5 years ago, respectively), I only read the Ballast material, and was not familiar with the IBC, at all. I live and work in NYC, so I use NYCBC in practice, and was also in CA phase, so not actively referring to building code. Black Spectacles helped me so much to understand the methodology and the appropriate sources, and priorities, for the ARE!

I’ll likely move right along to PDD, and look forward to seeing you in those workshops after you rock it in PPD on the 18th!



Thank you Erin for your advice! Super helpful :slight_smile: I got 10 more days to crush it! Will see you again in future workshops! Go and celebrate :slight_smile: !