Study Advice

Hello everyone, just looking to start a discussion about study methods and practices and possibly pick up new methods along the way.
Mainly I will review hand written notes and read certain parts of various AIA documents, take and later review scores on practice quizzes and practice exams.
I am taking PjM later this week so any study tips are appreciated!

Hey @zrg6671 - thanks for writing in!
We’re hosting ARE Live: Setting a Study Foundation: Tips for Passing the ARE this Thursday at 12 noon if you’re available to tune in! You can sign up from our homepage - click ‘Resources’ at the top, then ‘ARE Live Podcast’.

Taking notes while watching videos is super helpful, I’d also suggest reading the entirety of the major AIA docs (B101, A101, A201) and taking notes in the margins as well. Reviewing your practice quiz/exams afterwards is super helpful - we provide answer explanations for every answer choice (not just the correct ones) and it’s a great way to learn more about each topic!