ARE Live: Setting a Studying Foundation

Join this month’s ARE Live to walk through one question from each division of the ARE, tying them all together with test taking tips and strategies. We’ll discuss the overlap amongst the divisions, how to prepare for each one, and test taking tips that will help you no matter which division you have scheduled next. Our Architect Education Specialist Chris Hopstock will be joined by guest collaborator and Cat Heard.

We’ll wrap the episode up with a live Q&A session, so drop your questions in the thread below for Chris and Cat can answer them live at the end of the episode!

Make sure to take the mock exam ahead of time, so you can follow along as Cat and Chris answer the questions live.

Register here for February’s ARE Live: Understanding Egress Systems

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Hello, everyone!

ready to hear more about PPD and PDD study tips, retaking in the next couple months

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone,

I started studying for PcM, I’m using black spectacles but while I’m watching the videos I feel that the information is not enough. Which other resources beside BS do you recommend for PcM?


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I have been studying for PPD and PDD for several months, with BS, Brightwood, Amber and original sources. My biggest hurdle are the structural maths problems. Math problems are best studied by repetition. Because I have been studying so long, I essentially memorized the math problems in the study material. Could BS create a quiz for PPD and PDD with just multiple math problems? I know there are 4 or 5 different “types” of structural math problems, it would be helpful to study for these questions like studying for algerba, calculus and other math courses.


Hi everyone!

ARE prep and Brightwood are other good resources. For PCM having the Architects Handbook for Profesional Practice is a great tool.

Afternoon Everyone! Looking forward to this.

I appreciate the way the 2nd question was handled. The first half using critical thinking and the 2nd half using bit of math/logic. Nice time saving hack!

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Hello Everyone!

Hello! Love the 1 question/subject organization of this webinar. Will we be discussing study tips and methods at the end of the questions or is this webinar only for test taking tips and understanding test questions?


For the questions about the wall tags and maintaining a 1-hour fire rating wall. I noticed the detail calls 4" instead of a 2x4. The ladder implies nominal size and the way the detail is shown indicates a 4" stud which is not common and would make me think it’s a trick question.

Does the 8% of construction cost for Arch. Fee include the consultants fees such as Mechanical. Electrical, Plumbing?

Where does it specify that the addition is also 4 stories tall? Or is this assumed?