Types of Electrical Panels for different voltages

Where can I find information in graphic form regarding the different electrical panel types for the different types of voltages? Example: how does a panel for a 120/208 volt look versus one for 277/480 volt? I tried looking in MEEB, but it doesn’t get specific. If anyone knows I’d appreciate the insight.

Thank you

Hey, @coachdarionziegler or @coachchrishopstock could you please take a look at this question?


HI @danpleitez thanks for the question!
I don’t see anything in the NCARB resources that show the difference in what these panels look like - I think that’s a sign that this info won’t be on the exam. I also saw that you posted this on the NCARB forums and got some useful information there!
Anyway, I found this image online of a 480v breaker panel, which looks just like a typical 120/208v panel (the type you probably have in your house or apartment):

Thank you for responding. The reason why I ask is because I have seen something similar pop up more than once so I want to understand it.

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