Urbanism - New Movement

I am researching about the history of Urbanism but could not find a good source that describes the “New Movement“. Any suggestions?

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Hi @mingo.draft ,

I’ll try to help!

When I was in school we had to read Rob Krier and Leon Krier while studying New Urbanism. Leon’s Book fairly cheap and a great read! New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the Future: Haas, Tigran: Amazon.com: Books . “Urban Space” by Rob Krier is also a great book, which you can (legally) read for free on his website! “Urban Space” by ROB KRIER | Architect & Sculptor

Here’s a fun interview I found with Leon Krier:

If you’re looking for other free resources, I’d check out The Congress for New Urbanism’s website What is New Urbanism? | CNU as well as newurbanism.org. Newurbanism.org has a full list of suggested books at this link: New Urbanism Books

Hope this helps!

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