Where am I supposed to click on a detail per NCARB?

I got this question correct. I clicked on the annotation vs the spot in the detail:

Am I always to assume that I should be clicking on the actual drawing and not the correct call out? What does NCARB want?

Hi @Shikha ,

I’m afraid I had to delete the photo. We do not allowed posting screenshots of any paid content, including Black Spectacles practice exams or 3rd party content.

You are allowed to type out the questions. Or, if you really need the screenshot to explain your question you can send it as a private message to a coach on the communtiy, send it via the chat bot on Black Spectacles’ website, or send it to “support@blackspectacles.com”.

If you encounter a point and click question on the actual exam where it asks you to identify an item within an assembly the question should prompt you to either click on the area within the detail or the annotation. I would say it’s more likely you will need to click within a detail than on a note, but it’s very important to read the question carefully as you never know what exactly will come up on the exam.

Hope this help!