Practice Question

Why is the area of selection near the backer rod/sealant and not on the aluminum frame?

Hi @meganhanck ,

Thanks for posting! Do you remember what practice exam form you encountered this question on? I’m going to forward this to the QC team for their review and knowing the form is a huge help!

I’ve also deleted the screenshot as we do not allow posting of paid content, Black Spectacles or 3rd party. If you ever have a question about something you encounter on a Black Spectacles practice exam you can always quote the question on the Community or directly email with the screenshot attached.

You can also always get in touch by utilizing the chat icon in the lower right hand side of the screen on the Black Spectacles home webpage.


Form 2, and noted, thank you!

hi @meganhanck thanks for bringing this to our attention!
It seems like the image file got altered on our end and the correct answer area is slightly off. We’ll fix this on our end. Please go ahead and consider your response to this question to have been correct.
Good luck on your next exam!

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