PJM Practice Question

Hi I have another one that’s been bugging me. Somehow I got this answer incorrect but my cursors are exactly where the answers are describing. Not sure if anyone can answer this besides NCARB but how fine is the “margin of error” in this case?

Hi @anna.ishii - Since I can’t see the answer you provided I can’t really analyze the differences between your answer and the correct one, but I’ve been seeing a few comments like yours on the NCARB community about drag and place questions not working properly on the NCARB practice exams.

I can share that when we create questions like this, we make sure the answer area is sufficiently large that any plausible placement of the item is considered correct. The exam should be testing your knowledge of the content, not your ability to place a circle in the exact center of a rectangle!

Totally agree! Rounding errors also get me to from time to time too