Where are chilled beams referenced in ASC?

The reference mentions architect’s studio companion, I do not see chilled beams mentioned anywhere in this book.

Hi @Shikha ,

I’m afraid I had to delete the photo as we do not allow posting of paid content.

The photo in question referenced an answer to a question that indicated chilled beans was the correct answer and referenced “The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design”.

@Shikha - do you remember what PDD exam form you saw this in? That information will help us track this question down and ensure all answers and support for the answers are up to snuff.

@coachchrishopstock can you please dig into this further?


Hey @coachdarionziegler

I’m getting a hang of the posting rules, so thank you for being patient. It is in PDD Exam 2.

The question is about maximizing air velocity and air quality.

Hey @Shikha thanks for writing in!
Active chilled beams are an incorrect answer to this question - when we list a reference, all of the incorrect answers may not be explained in the reference. The reference will always explain the correct answer.
I wouldn’t spend too much time researching this system to prepare for your exam - It’s not commonly used. I’d google it and make sure you spend 5-10 minutes understanding what it is, and then move on to the more common systems!
Good luck in your studies and thanks again for posting!

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Thanks for looking into this.

I’m staring at the question and answer right now and black spectacles is definitely counting active chilled beams as a correct answer. The black spectacles test has active chilled beams marked as correct saying “Correct. Active chilled beams control air speed separately from temperature which improves air quality by varying air velocity.”

If this is the incorrect answer per what your response is, what is the third answer other than VAV related answers.

I agree with you, by the way, I’m not spending a ton of time on active chilled beams.


that explains it, i’m in an older version (4th edition)