A701 Instructions to Bidders

Can you explain in plain English the meaning of this excerpt from A701…excuse typos:

4.1.6 Where two or more bids for designated portions for the work have been requested, the Bidder may, without forfeiture of the bid security, state the Bidder’s refusal to accept award of less than the combination of Bids stipulated by the bidder. The bidder shall neither make additional stipulations on the bid form nor qualify the bid in any other manner.

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Hi @Smith.Marks that’s a good question. @coachglennparks do you mind explaining?

Hi Monika
I have had a little problem with my mail. I’ll attempt to address mr smith’s question tomorrow

I think the idea here is that the bidder is asked for at least two prices for work that the owner needs done that can be effectively separated. For example, work scope broken into two phases. Because mobilization for one phase might be built into the price assumptions for both phases, it makes sense that the bidder wants to ensure that both phases are included in the contract if they are awarded the bid. In this way, the bidder can state that the contract award must include both scopes as a condition for the given bid amounts without jeopardizing their consideration (each bidder needs to be deemed ‘responsive’ to the bid requirements). Other than stating that both bid prices must be awarded, the bidder cannot add additional requirements or stipulations.

It is unusual language. I hope this explanation helps.