Any good findings out there?

Figured I’d start this. Wondering if anyone has any good discoveries for this PPD exam. This is a beefy one, thought it might be a good idea to really dive into this one together. . .

you can t seem to upload PDFs. I’ll send it through email.

Just replying to get it going. I am also putting resources together and will share when done.

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Nice. Hopefully we get somehting going here. I will be hitting the books now also ans will le tyou know if there is anything i find.

A reminder that there are good references tucked away in the practice tests, up at the top under the references tab. I recommend practicing those formulas, and getting handy with them:

Thanks, Mark! I’ll get to those! Team, I have found some pretty good references regarding ADA code clearances. ill upload those once I figure out how to.

Another coach pointed to Hyperfine for additional practice questions, saying that it’s more worksheet style assignments that are a good supplement to the multiple choice type questions on BKS.

Funny you mention that!!! i had just found that site right now. BKS also has short quizzes…