PPD Practice Case Studies

@coachjamietischler - as a follow up from today’s Live Workshop, does BKS have a separate Practice Case Study (in addition to the 4 Practice Exams)? On the recommended study schedule provided in the Study Guide, day 23 on the calendar calls out a Case Study Practice. I have not seen where this is located online – if one exists. Thanks.

@veronicabarrow, If you look at page 6 on the study guide, under “Practice case studies”, it appears as though they want you to retake a Practice Exam, focusing only on the case studies within that exam. Black spectacles does not provide separate case studies, as the ones provided within the practice exams are fairly extensive. They do however, have new weekly practice quizzes for each exam within the BKS ARE community if you’re looking for additional study content, under the “featured subjects” line.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this Jamie!