Any recommondation of code reading for CE?

CE exam seem to include lots of code chapters here, any recommondation of which part of code reading for CE to focus on ?

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Hi @xurubi @coachchrishopstock will be able to help you

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Hey @xurubi , thanks for the question!
I would recommend reviewing your practice exam results for areas where you may want to focus more in your studies of the IBC. Keep in mind that the ARE expects you to have committed to memory the general concepts found in the code - things like the differences between fire barriers and fire partitions. If a question arises that requires the use of charts specific portions of the code, it’s likely that an excerpt will be provided for you to reference while answering the question. This mimics real life practice, as most architects reference the code often in their work as opposed to committing it all to memory.
Hope this was helpful and good luck in your studies!