Architects Project Work Plan Budget

Can someone help me better understand an architects project work plan budget. Other then reading a small bit about it in commentary for an exam question I haven’t seen it come up yet. I’m still unclear with regard to what this consist of and if its a general plan the firm uses or if its project specific. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @mroby ,

I can help with that! A “project work plan” is per project. Firms also have firm-wide plans for their operation and contractor’s also have their own “project work plans”.

You can check out the glossary in the “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” for this definition on page 1134. I’m paraphrasing their definition, but basically it is a plan of action through which a firm means to deliver a project on time, on the owner’s budget, and on the firm’s budget. It can refer to this general idea, or it can also refer to a literal document which lays out the strategy for meeting the goals above.

If you’d like to learn more about this I’d check out chapter 10.3 of the “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice”. The header of this section is “The importance of work planning” and reading through it might get you a better idea what project work plans are and why firms use them!

You can also check out the Black Spectacles Project Management Objective 2.1 lectures. The idea of work plan is kind of implied in objective 2.1: Evaluate the financial well-being of the practice lectures, but the PjM lectures above get into it more specifically! Questions around work plans might pop on PcM exams and will definitely pop on PjM exams. It’s one of those items that overlaps between the two.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Per usual this is a very detailed answer and incredibly helpful.

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