What does project schedule include?

what does project schedule include? does it include construction schedule or project budget?

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@coachjasongolub do you mind helping @hliu18 ?!

@hliu18 The project schedule would be a document outlining the full construction schedule including dates of beginning and completing installations of materials. It shows critical path items, duration of tasks and any sort of weather delays. It is usually updated each week and reviewed at the OAC meetings with the client and GC. It does not include any sort of pricing or budget.

Hi @coachjasongolub,

Thank you for your answer. I am rethinking my question now.

Do you think under the umbrella of Project Management Exam, when we are talking about the PROJECT SCHEDULE, the NCARB actually means THE PROJECT WORK PLAN? Because the work plan is a detailed project schedule based on the Ballast ARE 5 Review Manual Page 4-7.

If so, the question becomes to “what does project work plan include?” Then I think the answer will be that it includes budgeted project fee but not construction schedule.

Here is an example of work plan from Ballast ARE5 Review Manual Page 4-9

Please let me know what is your thought.



Because construction schedule is not the responsibility of the architect. The architect is only liable for the project schedule for the design phases. Right? Best, Haifeng

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Hi @coachjasongolub do you mind answering this question for hliu18?

Hi @hliu18
It’s important to understand the differences between a project schedule and the project work plan, I do not think they are the same thing under the umbrella of the PjM exam.
The project work plan is more of an internal document for the firm - it outlines how the firm plans to produce the project on time and on budget (in terms of the architect’s fee).
The project schedule varies a bit by project delivery method, and there are different types of scheduling methods available. The project schedule is a roadmap for the entire project team to use to keep the project on track.

I hope this was helpful!