ARE Live: PDD Mock Exam

Great question, in this mock exam question, it’s best to use only the information that the question gives you to provide an answer. Sometimes the realities of the real world can distract you from what NCARB is trying to figure out if you understand. I’d say that idea of ‘tile surplus in construction’ while relevant in the real world, is a distraction in this question.

It’s a shame that the test has changed to lock previous questions after taking a break. For a 4 hour + test, I got to use the bathroom at some point! And then unfortunately, the method of flagging a question for later to come back to it doesn’t work, because everything will be locked.

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Were there only 3 questions presented?

I can understand your frustration. I suppose if you know that’s a reality then a good strategy is to just go in to plan to take 1 or 2 bathroom breaks, and then you can sort of break the exam into 2 or 3 chunks that you have to ‘complete’ before you have to take a break… Best of luck!

On question 5… in showing her work on slide 5b she removed both 0.8s from the bottom of the equation. Why?