ARE Live: Project Development and Documentation Mock Exam

From my understanding, that’s correct. The rigid insulation is not ‘in’ the air gap, but it could make up a portion of it. So when answering if rigid insulation might be found ‘in the air gap of a brick veneer wall’, rigid insulation could be a correct answer, as it makes up a portion of the air gap, in the same way that ‘brick’ could be considered a correct answer as well.

This question is trying to assess two areas of understanding:

  1. choosing an appropriate insulation given a particular wall type
  2. general construction of a wall assembly with brick veneer

NCARB is likely to split these into two separate questions. As long as you understand why and how the wall assembly is created, I think you’ll have the knowledge you need.

I think dispute resolution for question#2 should be considered as one of the correct answers as well.

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