ARE PjM Practice Exam Question again

I thought this was a trick question - where I thought we assume its a DBB and subcontractors are selected after Bid process. I marked the cursor further out in time knowing that CA can only start after subcontractor is selected. What is the different between early bid and just regular bid?

Hi @anna.ishii - I think you’re thinking too deep into this one. Don’t assume it’s DBB because that’s not stated in the question - this schedule seems to be some sort of multiple prime contracts (or maybe even fast track with a CM) but that’s sort of irrelevant. The main thing to note here is that per the schedule, groundbreaking begins when early bidding ends. if early bidding moves out 2 months, so does groundbreaking.

Likely the ‘early bid’ period here is for the foundation subcontractor, and the regular bid period is for the rest of the trades. But again, sort of irrelevant and the thing you need to connect here is that end of early bidding = start of groundbreaking.