PcM Practice Exam Form 1, case study 1 of 5 question

Case Study 1, question 1 of 5. (#56/65)
This is simple math question, but my answer was a wrong.
The answer said, The RFP has the project scheduled to be completed in 31 weeks. But, RFP indicate, SD=3 weeks, DD=4wks, Bid=4wks, CD=4wks and CA=16wks. The total should be 35 weeks. why 31 weeks? please help.

Hi @ichirokakami thanks for writing in!
According to the RFP (page 5) the design phase is 15 weeks and the CA phase is 16 weeks, for a total of 31 weeks. There’s no 4-week bidding phase listed in the RFP - I think that’s the discrepancy between your math and the correct answer.

Thank you, coach. I’ll be more careful.

I was also confused by this question. I initially had it correct, but after looking closer at the RFP, I noticed that the line item for meeting fees, only listed SD-CD (i.e. 15 weeks), so I changed my answer to exclude the CA meetings.