Structures, hvac for PA exam

How much in depth will the PA exam get with structures and hvac? Maybe the structural spans maybe and type of systems used and comparing them someway for a program. What’s an ideal way to review this, maybe this overlaps ppd a bit?

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Hi @sergioclaure93 ,

Great question! The PA exam does not dig as deep into structures as PPD or PDD, but it does ask questions related to structural feasibility given site and program constraints. So, you won’t need to do a beam calc, but you want to know that a long-span structural system would be most appropriate for a use like an auditorium and that you may need to utilize a deep pile foundation system on poor soils.

PA section 4 objectives help illustrate what kind of structural knowledge you might need to have for this exam:

Objective 4.6 in particular is important to note.

I always recommend that candidates study for PPD & PDD together, at least partially, due to the major overlap in content. I don’t hear candidates studying for PA & PPD in conjunction often, but it’s not a bad idea! Especially if you feel less comfortable with structural systems.

The Black Spectacles lectures for section 4.6 will give you a good look into what you need to know regarding structures - then you can find additional information as needed from there if you think you still need to dig into them deeper.

Personally, I also really like reviewing “Architectural Graphic Standards” for this exam. I got the “student version” of this book for cheap and I think it actually does a better job than the full version presenting a lot of information you’ll see on this exam in a concise manner.

Hope this helps!

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Okay that’s very helpful, thanks.

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