BKS Architect Tips: How to Stay Focused During a Crisis

No one likes being interrupted, especially when it comes to studying for an important exam. With Prometric testing facilities closed, it probably feels like your test prep is at a standstill, and we get it. Whatever your plans are for the near future, you owe it to yourself to keep your career aspirations moving forward. To help stay on track and motivated, our BKS Architects are volunteering ways to keep your eye on the prize:

  1. Do not slow down your studies. Now is the perfect time to study. If you finish studying for one exam, take on its twin (PcM and PjM, for example). We don’t (truly) know how long this will last but it appears Prometric will resume some testing May 1st. It’s best to be positive and proactive in our preparation.

  2. Work on your resume and portfolio. It’s always good to have up to date resources.

  3. Get competitive. Find some competitions; these are almost always design exercises that are so appealing but no one ever has time for. Guess what? Now is the time!

  4. Update your LinkedIn. So many recruiters and potential employers use this as a tool to find new employees and it’s a great source for networking.

  5. Read. You don’t have to bust out MEEB all the time. A couple of inspiring, yet fun, architectural books are Devil in the White City and Brunelleschi’s Dome. Skim through those architectural magazines collecting dust on your coffee table.

  6. Find Meetings. The AIA Convention (among many others) have been postponed, but many meetings are still being held virtually. This is the perfect time to sit in on some different groups and get your feet wet. Get involved in what motivates you.

  7. Virtual Learning. Lots of schools are offering free online classes now. “Roman Architecture” and “Architectural Imaginations" are just a couple.

  8. Stay connected. Even in this social media-driven time, it’s still hard to feel connected. It’s overwhelming to get an email from every company you’ve done business with, with words of advice and encouragement. Choose your circle and stick with them through this.

  9. Stay sane. Yoga, healthy eating, resting more, taking walks, disconnecting - whatever it is, do something consciously to keep yourself motivated, moving and optimistic.

  10. Create a schedule. Make a baseline of daily activities and stick to it.

  11. Go digital. Focus on new, digital landscapes that will transform faster than ever. Flex your BIM platform muscles or work with programs like Unreal Engine to enhance your presentations.

There are a lot of things happening in the world that are out of our control right now. What we can control are our own reactions to the ever changing global landscape. We hope these suggestions can keep your mind occupied and healthy. With all of that being said, if you need to take a break, we have some streaming recommendations too (Tiger King thread coming).

Solid advice. There are a lot of free digital content/meetings due to the virus. Focus on positives and take advantage of the world moving a bit more slowly. Stay strong.

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