Black Spectacles Practice Exams Align with NCARB’s ARE Updates

We pride ourselves on having the best ARE Practice Exams around, so when we heard NCARB was updating their process, we got to work in updating ours. While there are no changes to content (phew), we still want to give you the closest experience to the real ARE, so we’ve enhanced our Practice Exams to reflect their new platform.

NCARB has announced they anticipate releasing new cut scores by early February. Per NCARB, they do not publicly release individual cut scores for ARE divisions, but they do anticipate releasing exam reports for candidates who have tested since December 14, 2020. As of January 27th, Practice Management scores have now been released, with Project Management and Project Planning & Design next.

Check out our blog post to view the enhancements you will see in our Practice Exams

Let us know your thoughts about the NCARB updates here!

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