Let's Talk - NCARB Updates

I’m sure you’ve heard that starting December 14th, candidates can schedule their online test through their NCARB Record.

While this is a major change to your exam-day process, the content and division structure will remain consistent, so not to worry. But, if you would like some clarification on the alterations made to accommodate online delivery of the exam - we’ve attended all the informational webinars, read the blogs and tell you how to keep calm and test online.

NCARB has announced they anticipate releasing new cut scores by early February. Per NCARB, they do not publicly release individual cut scores for ARE divisions, but they do anticipate releasing exam reports for candidates who have tested since December 14, 2020. As of January 27th, Practice Management scores have now been released, with Project Management and Project Planning & Design next.

Now that you’re up to date with the NCARB updates, let’s chat!

Will you be testing from home or are you sticking to the testing center?
What are your pros and cons? :+1: :-1:


Did you hear, updates to the ARE 5.0 and the option to test via online proctoring are officially live!

Could you create smaller quizzes or shorter tests for us to practice like designer hacks allows? Sometimes taking an entire exam is too time consuming but we still want to practice when we have an hour or so available!