C&E Practice Exam 4 Q10

The question is:
During the construction phase, the plumber wants to substitute copper pipe for Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) pipe on a project. Who can authorize this change?
The answer choices are:
The Plumber, The Superintendent, The Contractor or The Architect.
The answer is, the architect. and description says, … the architect may approve minor changes in the work without the owner’s consent. Among these choices, the architect is only appropriate selection, but I do not feel or think the substituting the copper pipe to PEX pipe is minor change. The copper pipe is more expensive and most likely to take more time to install. The copper pipe is known as keep water in your system clean which is very important issue for owner specially health issues are huge concern for everyone. Can anyone tell me the what consider minor and what will define between minor and major changes? If there is a choice; the owner, the answer will be different or remain and stay the architect is the best choice.

I completely agree with you! I had the same reaction. BUT the way I see all the EXAM question is: CAN I answer them the way NCARB or BS sees it to give me one more point. Maybe the purpose of misleading was to make us think?
I do hope the “only” choice will be as clear on the actual exam as it is in this particular set of answers.

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Hello @smoriny & @aj let’s get one of our expert architects to help with this one.
@coachchrishopstock do you mind jumping in?

Hi @smoriny and thanks for the question!
I agree that changing PEX pipe to copper pipe is generally not going to be considered a minor change. We actually already revised this question to take that into account.

Minor changes are defined in AHPP as ‘: Changes in the construction work that do not involve an adjustment in the contract sum or an extension of the contract time and that are not inconsistent with the intent of the contract documents

Keep in mind that there is no defined term of ‘major change’ - there are minor changes, and changes that require change orders to effectuate because they affect either the contract sum or contractual schedule.

Good luck and happy studying! Thanks @aj1 for your contributions to this conversation as well!