C&E Practice Exam 2 Q2

The question is a subcontractor at one project ask about another project the same architect’s office just put out for bid at site currently working. The question did not include the subcontract is bidding as general contractor or continue as sub. The sub is asking about another new project, I assume he or she is bidding as a general contractor, so can be submit questions directory to architect since the sub is now GC. How can I assume from this question the sub remain as sub for new project?

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Think of it in terms of the trades that these subcontractors represent. If it was a MEP subcontractor or even a framing subcontractor then its safe to assume that they aren’t likely going to bidding the other project as the GC.

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Hi @smoriny that’s a good question. Let’s see if our expert architect can help. @coachglennparks do you mind jumping in?

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Thank you Justin. I completely understand your assumption, but could easily assume the subcontractor is relatively small general contractor take a part of large project as sub or maybe they have a small staff are free and able to take portion of the work. But question does not mention new project’s size or subcontractor’s detail business description, so can assume both way. Any specific words in the question I can assume the subcontractor remain as sub? I still think and could equally assume either way and both answers could be true.

My assumption is mainly based on my experience with the tests I’ve taken and the study questions and material that I’ve reviewed. You are correct that this Sub could in fact be a GC for the other project, but I have yet to see a question that involves that level of nuance. Individuals involved in ARE questions are only ever shallowly described because their complexity isn’t what is important to the question, a GC is always a GC and an Owner is always an Owner unless otherwise stated. Anything else would be too confusing for testing a persons basic understanding of contract processes.

When you break this question down into its essence, the question is asking you “How is it appropriate for a Subcontractor to ask the Architect a question about the work?”