PjM Practice Exam #2 - Need clarifications


I just went through practice exam #2, and have a few questiont that I’d like to getmore clarification on. Please see below…

#1: This question has an accompanied exhibit, which may be difficult to illustrate. I hope you are able to pull the exhibit from your end to better understand. The question is, The architect that is leading the team has put together the following work plan. They have several tasks that need to be appropriately assigned, in order to keep the work moving. Who is the appropriate person to perform the tasks listed below?

The tasks are in order: Client Interview, (Task A), Prepare Report, Concept Design, (Task B), Prepare Final Report, Client presentation.

Under Task A, Jan has a higher billing rate than Lisa, the one with Task B. Task A is budgeted for 14 hours and B for 10 hours.

The available tasks are : 3D model and Redline CDs.

The correct answer is Task A is “redline CDs” and Task B is “3D model”. The explanation says, This is an exercise in assigning team members based on their billable rate. Jan is the next most experienced, so she will be the best fit to redline the drawings. Lisa is the least experienced, she will be the best fit for producing the 3D model.

My question is how can one redline drawings before the concept design stage? It’s bizarre to me to have any drawings to be redlined right after concept design, however, this tasks seems illogical right after client interview, without any design work done. Will you please elaborate why one answer is better suited than the other?

#2: Construction drawings have been completed for a new store. The owner has reviewed the drawings and is ready to begin the bid and construction process. In a typical Design-Bid-Build project, who legally issues the construction documents for bidding?

Choices are : Architect, Construction manager, GC, Owner.

Correct answer is Owner.

My question is, who has the right to “issue” a set? Per B101 Section, Architect shall assist Owner by “facilitating the distribution of bidding documents”. If someone has the right to “issue”, does that mean this person also have the ownership of these drawings? In that case, wouldn’t Architect be the only one who is allowed to do so? Please clarify what does it mean for someone to “issue” a set since this is not a language used in B101.

#3: What are the differences among a conformed set of drawings, conformed construction drawings, as-designed record drawings, and as-constructed record drawings?

#4: This question came with an exhibit of a construction schedule in bar chart format, and asked the task “excavation” shall take no longer than how many days, in which the chart indicates 1 week of time.

The correct answer was 5 days.

My question is, a “day” in standard AIA documents is considered to be a calendar day, not business working day. Thus, shouldn’t 1 week of time indicate 7 days instead of 5?

#5: An architect is designing a movie theatre in an urban area. The design calls for additional services separate from the architect’s basic services. The client asks the architect to directly hire all necessary consultants. Based on the AIA document B101, which of these consultants chosen by the architect would be considered an additional service? Check two.

Choices are: landscape design, electrical engineer, structural engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, plumbing engineer

The correct answers are civil engineer and landscape design.

My question is, B101 does not indicate plumbing engineer to be a basic service, only Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural are included as part of Architect’s basic services. Furthermore, I did not choose landscape design due to the cue that this project locates in an urban area. Will you please clarify or point me to the reference were plumbing is considered to be a basic service?

#6: This is a case study question that is difficult to illustrate… I hope you have the exhibit of the project schedule on your end. Question is, the BFC project requires meeting specific energy efficiency targets for all buildings, new and old. What is the target in pEUI energy reduction that the design is required to meet as reviewed at the time of building construction completion?

The answer is 80%.
The explanation says, see the RFP, the project must meet the 2030 Challenge targets. See the project schedule. Construction will be completed in 2023. The target for 2020 is 80%. In 2025, it will increase to 90%.

Will you please elaborate how to arrive at 80% for 2020 in detail? I’m having trouble connecting the dots and following the explanation and math.

Thank you so much!

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Hi @samantha.lee let’s see if one of our expert architects can help with these questions.
@coachjasongolub are you able to help assist Samantha?

@samantha.lee - Question #1- perhaps CDs refers to Concept Designs in lieu of Construction Documents. That would make more sense!

Question #2- The owner would handle the distribution of bidding documents UNLESS specifically asks the AOR to handle. Facilitating may mean hosting file son an FTP or similar.
Right to issue is totally different than ownership of the documents and totally separate subject.

Question #3- I am not totally sure either as these terms are not known to me. These are confusing and not typical industry used language.

Question #4- I would agree with your assessment. Knowing what I know of construction, those team members typically work on weekends to keep schedules on track and avoid weather problems that may arise.

Question #5- MEP and Structural services are base services on most projects that fall under the Architect’s contract as consultants. In most instances, the owner/client will hire civil, site and landscape separately.

Question #6- I am sorry- I do not have the RFP or document. Perhaps it is a component of 2030 and %s of expectations for each 5 year increment. That would be my guess.

q6# from rfp"b.Meeting the state 2030 Challenge requirements shall be included in the scope of work. Training and pastexperience in applying and meeting the 2030targets is preferred. "

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Hi @xurubi let’s see if one of our expert architects can help. @coachdarionziegler do you mind jumping in?

Hi @monicafitzpatrick & @xurubi,

My reading of this is that @xurubi was providing the information regarding the schedule and the 2030 Challenge referenced earlier in the thread.

Please let me know if you have any further questions I can help with!


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