Exam 3 question 82

Hi @coachadamcoers can you explain what do they mean by the extent of building materials?
I thought it meant what you will use the material for the project in the specs.

The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has rejected an architect’s design based on the use of a combustible wood finish being used for a small rooftop patio. The architect is revising the drawings to change this material to an allowed fire-retardant-treated wood. The AHJ requires only affected drawings and documents to be resubmitted for review.

Which items should the architect include in their resubmittal? Check the three that apply.

The full specification manual

Incorrect. The entire specification manual has not been revised, so it does not need to be resubmitted.

The detail section showing the name and application of the material

Correct. Changing the materials will affect this section detail, so it will need to be resubmitted.

The code summary

Incorrect. The material should not be noted on the code summary, although combustibility requirements may be noted.

The material legend which describes the material

Correct. The material legend should be updated to replace the combustible material and resubmitted.

The drawing index

Correct. The drawing index should be updated to show the revised and resubmitted drawings.

The floor plan showing the extent of the material use

Incorrect. The extent of the material’s use has not been revised.

International Building Code, 2018;
Architectural Graphic Standards, 12th edition, Chapter 4 "Architectural Construction Documentation "

Hello @sergioclaure93. In this case, the AHJ is requiring you just update a material from combustible to non-combustible and resubmit. This is effectively a product substitution like what you would see during bidding. So with that being said, the only thing that would change is the callout of the material showing the corrected material name, and any updates to that particular specification section regarding this material. Your code study would not change, the remainder of the specifications would remain unchanged, and the extent of the material usage on the floor plan (where this product is to be placed) is also not going to change.

You’re still going to have the same amount of material, in the same location, so you would not need to update the plan showing where the material is going. You are just changing the properties of that material itself.

Hope this helps!

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I see ok great that helps.