CE Practice Exam 2 - Case Study 2 Q3

For the second case study for Practice Exam #2 the question is "The architect is reviewing the pay request document.

Based on the pay request, which areas of construction are aligned with the project schedule? Check the three that apply."

In order to answer, you need to compare the project schedule with the Application for Payment, but only the Application of Payment is provided as a reference document for this Case Study. Can someone from BS help me understand wherein the reference material provided one would find the project schedule? I feel as if I am missing key information in order to answer this question. Thanks!

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Hi @lizl,

We will take a look and see if we can help clear this up!

@coachchrishopstock can you please dig into this?


Thanks @coachdarionziegler

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Hi @lizl we’re sorry about that - we’re working through an issue with the document that prevented it from being uploaded to our platform. We’ll get it fixed ASAP, and thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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@coachchrishopstock thanks for the update. Helpful to understand it was a technical error and not an error on my part. Appreciate you working on fixing the issue!

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