Design Phases

What are referred to as the ‘Design Phases’?
On the Black Spectacles flashcard #122, says it does not include Bidding & Negotiation or CA, but when it references ‘Design Phases’ in AHPP page 661, those are (as I read it) included. This difference is crucial to know during this exam (I have failed once already).

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Hi @mspencer ,

I’ll do my best to help clear this up!
What the handbook says is, “it legally describes a design process that moves through a series of five established project phases…”

It’s calling SD, DD, CD, B&N, & CA ‘project phases’.
You can read where the AHPP specifically calls SD, DD, & CD ‘design phases’ on page 515 in the ‘design sequence’ box.

We call SD, DD, & CD ‘design phases’ because this is when the building is still on paper. Only the idea of the building exists. Then, during bidding & negotiation (for Design-bid-build) a constructor is chosen. Ideally the design is complete by this point. After the constructor is chosen the project enters the “construction phase”.

Hope this helps!