Is the commissioning plan created by the commissioning authority in the construction phase or the design phase?

there is a ce question in black spectacles that seems to indicate commissioning plan would only be made during the design phase.
AHPP p737 listed that in the construction phase. clarification?

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Hi @xurubi @coachdarionziegler are you able to help assist with this one?

Hi @xurubi ,

I’m afraid I had to delete the screenshot of the AHPP. I’ve transcribed what it says below though! (Sorry, we’re not supposed to post screenshots of paid content)

The AHPP states:


  1. Create construction phase commissioning plan.
  2. Review submittals for commissioned systems.
  3. Conduct commissioning meetings to coordinate with contractors and discuss schedule, open items, etc.
  4. Perform site visits to review systems installation for conformance to drawings and specifications
  5. Attend equipment start-ups for major MEP/FP systems.
  6. Monitor all issues and deficiencies and assist with resolution."

Do you know what practice exam form you encountered this question on? I would like to take a look at it.


ce , cant remember exam number

Hi @xurubi ,

I’m thinking that the commissioning plan should be made during the design phase as the BKS answer states – the AHPP is specifying “construction phase commissioning plan”. I’m not totally sure why the AHPP chose to designate it that way. Other AIA resources speak about the value integrating commissioning into the design process. See snippet below from an AIA article I found at Why architects should lead the commissioning process - AIA

If the commissioning plan isn’t in place during design I don’t think the team is getting the most value out of the commissioning process.

As well, the C203 contract, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Commissioning, designates the commissioning consultant’s rolls during Design Phases. Under article 2.3.5 - Commissioning Plan, it speaks about how the plan should be updated to match the completeness of the design and construction progress. So, I think what the AHPP is getting at is that the while the commissioning plan should exist prior to construction, after design is complete the “construction phase commissioning plan” should be made.

Additionally, this standard form of agreement indicates that the commissioning consultant should provide commissioning specifications. These specifications should be included with the construction documents and would therefor need to be compiled and completed prior to the start of construction.

Hope this helps!