Extended Rolling Clock and Remote Testing!

More time, please. NCARB just announced they’re adding six months to the rolling clock extension for ARE Candidates. This applies to all exam passing scores that were valid as of March 1, 2020, which puts the rolling clock extension at a total of 15 months. This is to ensure no exams are impacted by the rolling clock until June 2021 at the earliest.

Also, no sudden movements - this extension is automatically applied on or before August 25, 2020 so put on “Rolling on the River” by Tina and watch your rolling clock get extended.

Now, for the main attraction - progress with remote proctoring of the ARE indicates the launch date will be some time late-2020, earlier than the 2021 anticipated release date. Pick up that digital drafting pad and get to studying so you can start 2021 off with a division under your belt.

Stay on the lookout for more announcements from NCARB here.