NCARB/Prometric test scheduling update

UPDATE - Information regarding Prometric and NCARB policies is continuously changing, please reference this link for the most recent openings and closures.

Sharpen your pencils! Prometric is opening testing facilities in the U.S. and Canada on May 1st. We encourage you to schedule your exam ASAP - imagine how great it’ll feel coming out of social distancing having passed a division (or two, or six).

Prometric will do this in compliance with local regulations, and will implement new processes intended to safeguard the health and wellness of everyone in the testing centers, with reduced seating availability. Reference this Prometric page for updated facility closures in your area.

NCARB is waiving all rescheduling fees to allow for added flexibility, and has extended the rolling clock for a total of nine months to be applied to all division scores that were valid as of March 1st.

Whether you’ve maintained your studying or took a mental health break, we can all adopt the proverbial “get back on the horse” mentality and shift into testing gear. We’re rooting for you.