Fee Development - Billing

I had this question in a Practice Exam and I don’t understand where the 24% comes from in the explanation of the answer. Can someone clarify for me.
The architect has developed the following design and fee schedule to present to the owner. The billing schedule is laid out below the design timeline. The architect has developed both of these with the anticipation of using a BIM application as the design, and authoring tool for the project.
Where in the timeline can the owner expect the single largest bill to come from the architect? Using the image below, click the correct area on the timeline.
The largest bill will come from the 60% DD timeframe. 60% of the total DD fee (40%) = 24%. At this point, the architect would be billing the client for 24% of their total fee.

Hello @rmholmquist -

From your question I think I understand the following;

DD phase makes up 40% of the total fee that is being proposed.

in other words…
40% of fee is dedicated to DD of 100% total fee


60% of the 40% dd fee = .6x40 = 24%

so 60% of the DD phase would equal 24% of the total fee for the project.

Let me know if this makes sense, if not I can try and break it down further.



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