Percentage of services basic compared to bim in ahpp

Where in the architecture handbook of professional practice is information compares basic and bim for percentages of design services (schematic, design development, construction documents, bn and construction administration phase.

@coachhayleypugh Could you assist with this?

Okay! So this is a really good question. Here’s Figure 10.20:


There are two takeaways I think are very important about this graphic 1) how Traditional Design-Bid-Build relates to BIM delivery and 2) that this is an example used for distribution the fee in terms of design phases-- in real life, these percentages can certainly range.

If we go to the AHPP, the 10.20 is a graphic representation of Traditional Design-Bid-Build versus BIM in terms of fee structure. In both instances, assume 5% of the total fee goes toward Bidding and Negotiation. This graphic assumes your fee structure follows the amount of labor/time that goes into each phase. Notice how traditional versus BIM are different-- earlier design phases take a lot longer in BIM, by the nature of the programs, but CDs are generated much faster.

It’s good to know a general fee distribution based on this chart, but it’s also important to know that every firm will be a touch different. More than a strict percentage, it’s likely a range, as much as 5% or 10% in either direction. Bidding/Negotiation will pretty typically hover around 5% of the fee.

So, for example, if you’re asked which is a reasonable fee for your CD phase in a BIM project if your overall fee is $50,000. Then you’re given answers A) $3,000 B) $5,000 C) $13,000 D) $30,000-- you can make an educated guess as to what would be appropriate. Even though $13,000 isn’t exactly 25% of the overall fee, C is the best answer for how we understand the fee distribution percentage for a BIM project.

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