How many sets need to be signed off on by Owner

I came across a question asking after the completion of schematic design, how many drawing sets need to be signed off on by the Owner? Is that unique to this phase or all design phases? @coachdarionziegler @heatherrivera

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Hi Jared,

Do you know what practice exam form this came from?

Without looking at the question directly, I believe Mike recommends in the lectures that it is best practice to have the owner sign of on the drawings at the end of each phase.

I’ll look into this further but if you can point in the direction of the exam form it will help me get you an answer more quickly!


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Ok! Found the question. The source the question mentions is “Professional Practice: A Guide to Turning Designs into Buildings”

After reviewing the first video in Objective 4.1, Mike doesn’t recommend signing off on the drawings at each phase, but rather after SD & DD. This statement seems to reference the above book.

The recommendation of signing off is to insure you have the owners complete permission to proceed to the next phase. A sort of paper record that the owner understands what you’re proposing and you have their confidence in moving forward. It makes sense you might not necessarily have the owner sign off on your CD drawings (or at each phase as I mistakenly said above) because at this point your drawings are (hopefully) fairly complete and you won’t be advancing them.

So, according to the above source it is recommended to get two signed copies (one for you and one for the owner) at the end of SD and DD to receive express permission to continue to advance the drawings into the next phase.

Hope this helps!

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