Difference of construction document& shop drawing& construction drawing

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One quick question in terms of different drawings.

Based on B101 architect is responsible to prepare construction document during CD phase. Then distribute to bidder to guide them to produce shop drawing. Is the shop drawing produced by contractor include final construction drawing on the site? Or the construction drawing for building is produced by subcontractor Based on the shop drawing from contractor?


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The architect is going to submit construction drawings that will be presented not only to the contractor but also to the City for permitting. The contractor will then take these CD’s and hand them to his subs (for example a steel manufacturer). The steel manufacturer will then do shop drawings based off of the CD’s on how exactly he intends to construct things. They may be to exact specifications; they may have modifications. These shop drawings are sent to the architect (or structural engineer in this case) for review of compliance to the construction documents/drawings. They cannot be used for construction until they have been approved by the architect and the architect’s team.

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@whuang The architect prepares and provides the CD drawings to the bidders, which will be part of contract documents awarded to the winning bidder. The subcontractors of the winning GC will then produce shop drawings as may be required as construction commences, which were based on the CD drawings. The GC will then submit their subs’ shop drawings to the architect/consultants for review and approval. GC seldom prepare shop drawings themselves.
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