Questions about building permit, workflow, and warranty

During the study, I got a couple of questions, someone could help me out please.
1, Who and when to submit for the building permit?
Here is my confusion part, on the Owner and contractor agreement, there is one provision is the contractor will pay for the building permit fee. However, sometimes architects submit the drawings for permits. And when to submit the drawing for permits, if the delivery method is DBB , is it after CD? or Biding?

2, For example, the project is on construction, the electrical contractor has questions about the electrical DWGS, what the workflow will be?
The electrical contractor to GC, GC to architect, architect to the electrical consultant? Should report to the owner as well?

3, When the contractor will transfer the warranty to the owner (when the final competition?)? For example the roof, window, and equipment warranty.

Thank you.

@lisi1125 -

Thanks so much for your detailed question, lets go line item by line item.

  1. Normally in the Owner Contractor Agreement the owner asks for the contractor to pay the permit fee. Often however the permit is paid by the owner or even architect who is later reimbursed, it is entirely project and client dependent. Typically you submit for permit once your CD set has been completed.

  2. The Electrical contractor would request the information from the Contractor. If the contractor can not resolve the issue the Contractor will ask the Architect for clarification.

  3. Yes warranties are transferred to the owner by the contractor upon final completion.


Hi Elise
Thank you very much.

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