Does anyone else feel like they overthink some of these questions and anyone have any tips for that?

Example: We had a question on the first practice exam asking something along the lines of what is a minimum slope of an ADA ramp. Options were 0%, 1%, 2% or 5%.

So I know the max is 5%, but minimum? Seems like a trick question…Obviously the lower the better for ADA. So I figured it was a trick and 0% is no longer a slope and wouldn’t be correct since it would be considered flat/no slope. I went with 1% assuming the 0% could be ruled out. I got the question wrong, it was actually 0%. I already submitted my questions so I felt like posting it here to see if anyone else could relate. I feel like I do this often.

@lconkel I think it may depend on how the question is worded.

I have had something similar pop up in the past from NCARB. It is sort of a trick question in my opinion.
So to make it simple if the question is talking about grading then 2% is really the minimum you want for positive drainage. But for an ADA ramp, if it does not specify it is outside then you cannot assume and therefore any slope (up to 8.3%) could work. At least that is how I think of it.

0% to 2% is generally concerned flat. Ada landings can 1:48. 2% to 5% is a sloped floor no handrail required. 5% to 8.3% is a ramp. Handrail and clearances are required.

It is a trick question I would have picked the wrong one too.