PCM Practice Exam question

Hi all,
The prompt for the question had “meetings are held bi-weekly during CA phase”. The question was to calculate meeting fees based on no. of meetings for the entire project. My query is that bi-weekly can mean twice a week or once every two weeks. Obviously I calculated the wrong way because the intention of the question was that meetings are held once every two weeks. Would it not be easier to state that time frame as bi-monthly? I have been on projects that had OAC meetings twice a week for a quick project.

Hello @pshah -

Thanks so much for spending the time to post on the community. The wording bi-weekly can be confusing, but in relationship to the question it should be every two weeks. Why you may ask? Well if the meeting is in CA (Construction Administration) they will probably holding it on site, reviewing the progress of the job and two meetings a week wouldn’t show enough progress for the architect to review. Try and put yourself in the position of the architect scheduling these meetings, you would want to be sure that if you spent time on site, that you would be seeing many items that are updated or installed.

Hopefully this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

-Coach Elise

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