PJM - Substantial Completion

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One quick question, does one project normally have multiple substantial completions (ex: some part meet the requirements for owner to move in while some part not) or only have one?

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Hi @whuang That’s a great question. @coachjasongolub do you mind answering this question?

Hi @whuang. I would say it all depends on the project scope, schedule, and owner/client requirements. For example, if you had a multi-story office building, you can perform a substantial completion for individual floors if so desired by the client. This would allow the General Contractor to finish up their scope and allow tenants to potentially move in. Same could go for a multi-family apartment building, hotel, shopping mall or other. I’d say one substantial completion walk through would be sufficient and appropriate for a single tenant space such as a restaurant.

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Thanks! It’s helpful!