PjM Workshop - Cost of Work

Hey all! For those who attended the workshop today, I said I would provide further explanation as to why a fast track delivery would increase the cost of work in one of the example questions:

The main reason is since they mention SD has already been completed, it can be assumed that a contract has already been signed and that expedited services weren’t included. Fast track in general is more expensive because the architecture would have to output more in less time, which would require additional staff and / or overtime as we discussed. Overall project costs (not including design costs) also called “cost of work” would likely increase because of the expedited schedule. Examples could include expedited shipping of materials, contractors being required to work overtime to meet schedule, etc. that would all cost more than originally estimated by the architect. Therefore, this would require the architect to rework their estimate.

Let me know if this helps provide more clarification to the answer or if there are any further questions on this that I can answer - thanks!

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Thank you Brianna!