Changes in Cost Workshop but for PDD?

Hey Black Spectacles crew,

I noticed that some of my weak areas in PDD include cost stuff and some project delivery methods. I noticed that there is a PjM workshop called “changes in cost” being hosted soon. I’m curious if this material would be good for PDD too? @coachdarionziegler I think you’re teaching it. What are your thoughts?

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Hi @Shikha ,

I’d love to have you join our workshop! I just confirmed that I’m hosting the ‘Changes in Cost’ workshop on June 6th.

However, this workshop is looking at changes in the cost of work mostly from a procedural standpoint in relation to the contracts. It looks at what might be a change order, but is really more focused on the B101. It might be more helpful for CE than PDD. I might stick with one of the PDD workshops over it for more applicable information.

If you want a taste of what the ‘Changes in Cost’ workshop is like you can check out the ARE Live Podcast I was a guest on which looks at the topic! Then you can decide for yourself if you want to join. Project Management Exercise | Black Spectacles

June 20th we cover project delivery methods - if that’s something you in I’d definitely check that one out - it’s one of my favorites to instruct!
The website below is also super helpful for better understanding project delivery methods and how they relate to the contracts:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for letting me know!

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