PPD Practice Exam 1 Q88

Case study question; “The client recently asked the architect about changing the meeting room from standing space to a space with a fixed seating layout with 52 seats. What is the impact on code analysis?”
I feel best answer is fixed seating is not permitted in this scenario, but correct answer is a second exit is now required. I think adding second exist only does not meet the code. The existing double door need to change the opening direction to meet the code. Therefore the 52 fixed seating is not permitted in this scenario feels better answer. Would someone help clarify this?

For any Assembly Occupancy, for more than 49 people you would require two exits. I have not seen this question yet but I agree you need a second door. Doors should swing towards exit direction and the doors should have anti-panic grab bars.

Thank you Mingo. If you or someone have seen and solve this question, please let me know and clarify this.