PPD Practice Exam 3 Q64

The question is placing a location for an addition to a warehouse where protect employees from the morning sun. The answer is southeastern portion of the site protected by the group of trees. How about north side next to the driveway against existing factory and shape using small rectangular option? This location, the sun is blocked by existing factory building and the building fits within the setback. The question does not mention anything regarding existing factory building. Would anyone please explain the southeast location is better answer than the north location?

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@smoriny that’s a great question. @coachlizschneider do you mind helping with this one?

@smoriny Thanks for the question. Placing the addition where you suggest is also a good option in this case. As you say the existing building will act to provide protection from the sun. Without knowing the exact angle of the sun it’s difficult to say for sure, but the southeast location may offer slightly better protection because of the way the trees wrap around to the east.