HVAC systems

I feel like I go through the HVAC videos and resources a million times and nothing seems to stick. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! Anyone have a singular source that breaks it down Barney style?

I also feel like there are too many “AKAs” to remember. Makes things even more confusing!

I.E., Rooftop-mounted Dedicated Outside Air system (DOAS) with heat recovery; also known as a Single-Zone Variable Air Volume. Heat recovery ventilation (HRV), also known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR).

@kristin.russell724 -

I know that this topic is really confusing. For me the best way of approaching it was to diagram each system out on flash cards and then on the back of each card write the various name that correspond. This way you at least have a visual reference that may help trigger the multiple names in your head. Sorry I cant be of more help but for me this was a simple example of memorization.


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