Practice Exam 1 question

I’m having trouble understanding the answer to this question. The question asks what method would allow the contractor design influence, but the correct answer seems to contradict that?

Hi Ibedus and welcome to our ARE Community!

@cat.heard9, could you help with clarification here?

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Did you find out the answer- I agree the question is misleading

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Hi @heatherrivera Do you mind answering this question for @michael2 & @lbedus ?

Hey @michael2 and @lbedus, sorry I’m late to the game here. You’re correct; IPD is the correct answer. It looks like both answers explanations are correct, but DBB was incorrectly identified as the ‘correct’ answer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll update the question with the correct information.

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Thank you for confirming @cat.heard9 we will get this question updated ASAP.

Are not all answers but DBB correct?